"A Single, Hairy, Horny, Hanging, Spanish Bullock" 2010
"Imperial Nights" 2013
"Imperial Tastes III - Dessert" 2013
"Imperial Tastes I - Starter" 2013
"Imperial Tastes II - Main" 2013
"Dawn on the Imperial Suite" 2013
"Imperial Tastes, Fragment I" 2013
"Imperial Tastes, Fragment II" 2013
"Imperial Bar" 2013
"Gifts Returned" 2013
"Art Worlds : Mex in the City" 2012

Photo by Keizo Kioku

We are pleased to announce that we have the first solo exhibitiion by Simon Fujiwara at TARO NASU.

The show is composed of reproduced fragments of the Imperial Hotel Tokyo, where the artist’s parents first met before its demolition in 1969.
Fujiwara tries to reveal the relationship of the cities, architecture and eroticism.

The exhibition is also the second part of his big project, “King Kong Komplex”.