Photo by Kei Okano

TARO NASU is pleased to announce Takashi Homma’s solo exhibition, entitled “Looking through -Le Corbusier windows”.

Takashi Homma
Born in Tokyo in 1962. Currently lives and works in Tokyo. 
1999 24th Kimura Ihei Memorial Photography Award. 
Recent solo exhibitions include “La città narcisista. Milano e altre storie” VIASATERNA, Milan(2017),  “VARIOUS SHAPED HOSES AND SNAKE” Post, Tokyo(2016), “Seeing itself “Dazaifu shrine, Fukuoka (2015),“TOWARDS THE CITY – camera obscura study -” TARO NASU, Tokyo (2014). 

In the history of art at all ages and countries, a window has acted as a motif that reposed various meanings. The affinity between the window and the camera obscure, and the relationship with the modern society which had developed after the industrial revolution have been included in Homma’s work as significant components.Despite of this exhibition themed the windows of Le Corbusier’s architectures, the artist said that he does not have any focus on windows. He only used windows to capture the nature of architectures which are both realization and the vessel of the thought of architects. “If I shoot architectures just like normal, it would become just architectural photographs. I had in my mind, capturing windows to fend off this.” said Homma.Through the sceneries from the window, he undertakes capturing the whole aspect of architecture as abstract and conceptual images. For the artist, to photograph sceneries through Le Corbusier’s architectures windows, is re-experiencing the perception of the great architect and knowing more about what he had done. Consequently, Le Corbusier’s architects have turned into images released from bonds of architectural photographs which pursue similarly information conductors, and are exposed in front of viewers as a fragment of the world Homma has detached.

*Part of the works of this exhibition were commissioned by Window Research Institute.