"Development Wall" 2016
"Stardust Regression" 2016
"Stardust Expression" 2016
"Stardust Compression" 2016
"Stardust Suite" 2016
Photo by Keizo Kioku

TARO NASU is pleased to announce a solo exhibition “Stardust Expression” by Liam Gillick, starting from October 14, 2016.

Liam Gillick
Born 1964, Aylesbury, U.K.
Lives and works in New York.
Has exhibited extensively since 1989 including the 53rd Venice Biennale, The Guggenheim, New York and Documenta X.

In 2017 a new series of books will be written by the artist. Provisionally titled the “Stardust Expression Series” they will focus upon the investigation of a series of confusing, contradictory, conspiratorial events during the construction of a new linear city. The project continues the work the artist produced for the Moscow Biennale in 2015 when he produced a series of “Letters from Moscow” without leaving his New York apartment.

As the first stage of this process the exhibition “Stardust Expression” combines new wall structures, graphic works and wall texts. In order to set the scene a new series of illuminated walls combine wood and bright LED lamps. These works echo earlier structures by the artist and update the technology that powers the work.

A number of new circular wall texts repeatedly announce versions of the title of the exhibition in increasingly unstable and sentimental ways. They function as announcements for the series of new books.

The illuminated wall structures and text works are combined with a sequence of new graphic works. Each work is a diagram or short text that begins the process of outlining the new series.

The titles of the books will be announced and loosely framed within an aesthetic treatment that lays bare the commencement of a new connective mode of living and dying.

“Stinking Dawn”

“Legs, Bridges and Streets”

“Data Lake Drive”

“Delicate in Time”

“Mired Constitution”

“Ravished Twinned”

“Eagle Drinking From a Pool”