"Old Punk" 2012
"TIGER's Massacre" 2013
"21st Century Standard Bearer" 2013~2014
"I met them" 2012

Photo by Keizo Kioku

TARO NASU is pleased to present 21st Century Standard Bearer, by Koichi Enomoto. This is his first solo exhibition with TARO NASU.

Koichi Enomoto

1977 Born in Osaka
Lives and works in Kyoto.


I feel that if I ate poison, I would be able to create something beautiful.
If I drank mercury, would the explosive beauty exude from a brush?
In any case, the beauty is mesmerizing.

I meet friends and then we have a talk about art or have an artistic talk.
Brilliant bodies with a unique talent! And a lot of them at that.
Golden beer we drink on the same table after getting over and over exhaustion, despair, and absurdity.
Imbecility makes everything into more beautiful things. It magnifies the beauty like with a lens.
Everyone crawls into its center.

The beauty is poured from the bottle.
The root becomes healthy by drinking the beauty.
Even if wearing a tattered trouser.
The beauty filling a glass to the brim is drinking the light.
Most of them exist in the night.
We live in the huge dark.
The night is playing the main part.
Dirty hands are moving there. We sometimes laugh a lot.
I paint like that. I eat paints, drink oil and eat up an easel and a studio,
and incorporate them into one painting. I paint like that.

text by Koichi Enomoto