"She would come back there to see her again at the following day. #1” 2014
"She would come back there to see her again at the following day. #2” 2014
"reward" 2009
"HACHIOJI:HOLE IN GAP - the crossing of the zebra time" 2008

Photo by Keizo Kioku

TARO NASU is pleased to present The Day After Yesterday, the first solo exhibition by Japanese artist Michiko Tsuda with TARO NASU. The exhibition features a new film alongside a re-construction of her pervious series of works.

Michiko Tsuda
Born in 1980, Kanagawa, Japan.
Lives and works in Kanagawa.

2013.03 PhD of Film and New Media Studies. Tokyo National University of the Arts, Japan

Exhibited and screened at “GEODESIE” (galerie B312, Montreal, 2013), “media/art kitchen” (Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok, 2013), “Occupants and King in the Configuration Forest” (emergencies! #018 NTT ICC, Tokyo, 2012), “HOLES IN GAPS -cinematographic weavings from the Migratory Project”(Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, 2010), “International Festival for Art and Media Yokohama 2009″ (Yokohama, 2009) , International Symposia for Electronic Arts(ISEA) 2009 ” (Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2009), “version beta” (curator:Jean-Louis Boissier) (Center for Contemporary Image, Geneva, 2008), “Leonardo Art/Science Student Exhibition” (Berkeley Art Museum, California, 2008), and more.

Under the influence of her career graduated from the department of engineering, Michiko Tsuda has pursuit the nature and principle of video logically and consistently. Through her carefully choreographed presentations of the space, she reveals the characteristics of medium elative to the sense of vision, such as cameras or mirrors.

Her works depict the performance and the spaces very simply, without any computer graphics nor video processing, in this sense quite normal reality. With a slight manipulation and skilled presentation, however, Tsuda creates unique and unreal world which leads the viewer to a narrow borderland of reality and virtual reality. She tries to occur an intentional confusion to eh viewers and make them doubt what they see, promoting changes in their way of seeing.

In this first solo show at TARO NASU, Tsuda shows 7 works from 3 series, including 2 latest video works. The new video works are descended from he representative series “Occupants and King in the Configuration Forest”, exhibited at ICC Tokyo in 2012. She also re-construct her previous work “reward”, which is consist of images in a found camera, captures from Google street views and her own texts, as a unique installation.