Photo by Keizo Kioku

TARO NASU will represent Tatsuo Majima’s solo exhibition.

Tatsuo Majima (b. 1970, Japan)’s works are based on his peculiar interst in fusion and collision between cultural differences among modern ages.
Using various media such as texts, photographs, videos and performances, Majima creates his works with unique taste of humour.

This time, Majima presents the series of movie posters all starring Tom Cruise, the icon of the Hollywood movie culture since the 80’s.

The poster evokes us of three aspects – Cruise as Hollywood icon, the image of typical hero and Cruise as real person in himself. However at the same time, it suggests us that no one could get hold of his real identity from here. This is Majima’s examination into the impossibility of portraiture; questioning where personal/national identity exists.

The work was first exhibited in 1999. This exhibition will be the sequal to the former exhibition, constructing the installation by Tom Cruise posters since 2000.