"something too much" 2015
"something too much" 2015
"something too much" 2015
Photo by Keizo Kioku

TARO NASU is pleased to announce a solo exhibition “something too much” by Futo Akiyoshi, starting from May 20, 2016.

Futo Akiyoshi
Born in Osaka in 1977. Currently lives and works in Berlin.
Graduated from Nagoya University of Arts in 2001 and completed the Post Graduate and Research Program in Art in 2003. Granted for Emerging Artist of Overseas Study Grant of Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan in 2011-2012 at Berlin.
Selected recent exhibitions include “if nothing else” (NON Berlin, Berlin, Germany) in 2016, “Adherence” (SEXAUER, Berlin, Germany) in 2015,
“VOCA – The Vision of Contemporary Art 2014″(The Ueno Royal Museum, JP) in 2014, “Do not touch!?” (Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, JP) in 2013, “Garden of Painting – Japanese Art of the 00s” (The National Museum of Art, Osaka, JP) in 2010, and more.

This exhibition will showcase Futo Akiyoshi’s new series “something too much”.

In this series, Akiyoshi mainly focuses on the tools for painting. The artist uses as many tools as possible in one painting. By contrast, only single color is selected to paint each work. Therefore it is quite visible and obvious that the harmony of the image is composed not only by colors and shapes but also by various texture. These diversity, limitation and harmony constitute the rule of this series, and the rule itself is the aim of these painting works.

Playing with his own rules, which is strictly established for each works, is one of the artist’s characteristic styles. By following the rule, he suggests the basic components of painting. It can be found in his other series, such as “Room”, composed a spatial structure by single gold color and “naked relations”, layering the transparent colors onto a transparent acrylic board.

This is a new field which Akiyoshi develops, exploring the border of painting and the pleasure of it.