"vision | noisiv 08B" 2017
"vision | noisiv 09B" 2017

photo by Kei Okano

Maiko Haruki
Born in Ibaraki 1974, Lives and works in Tokyo.
Selected recent exhibitions include “A certain composition of eyes”(TARO NASU, Tokyo), “1974 part1 6 Artists born in 1974″(The Museum of Modern Art Gunma, Gunma), “Azamino Photo Annual”(Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino, Kanagawa) in 2014, “photographs, whatever they are”(1223 GENDAIKAIGA, Tokyo) in 2011.

In this show, we will showcase 20 photographs from new series “vision | noisiv” which follows the previous series “A certain composition of eyes” (2014) that decomposes the sight to reconsider about the act of “seeing”. In the new series, Haruki creates a space that does not exist in reality by overlaying two landscapes on a photographic paper.

“noisiv” is a coined word which inverts “vision”. Haruki selected two locations as the subject of this series. Ones are the landscapes and cityscapes in Ireland, and the others are the exhibition views from a space museum in Tokyo. Through the artist’s intentional composition of the images, they seem to be divided, overlapped and reflect each other on the plane.

We always “see” the things through the filter of our brain, never see any object as it. Haruki makes imaginary landscape consist of various reflections of “vision”s as a realization of what she want to “see”, considering the substance of ”seeing ” itself.

In association with this exhibition, new art book “_etc.” will be published by publisher Akaaka-sha.