Photo by Kei Okano

Born in 1921, Maryland, US. Died in 2004, aged 83.

Her exhibitions include “In the Tower : Anne Truitt” National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., US (2017-2018), “Intersections” Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland, US (2016), “Anne Truitt in Japan” Matthew Marks Gallery, New York (2015), “Anne Truitt: Works from the Estate” Stephen Friedman Gallery, London (2011), “Anne Truitt: Sculpture and Drawings, 1961-1973” Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (1973-74), “Primary Structures” The Jewish Museum, New York (1966), “Truitt” Minami Gallery, Tokyo (1967, 1964). “Truitt First Solo Exhibition” André Emmerich Gallery, New York(1963).

Anne Truitt was born in 1921, Maryland, US. She began making figurative sculptures after leaving the field of clinical psychology in the mid-1940s. Her early works were mainly abstract sculptures, however that turned geometric pieces suggestive of boxes or columns since she had experienced the paintings of Barnett Newman and Ad Reinhardt’s black canvases.In 1963, her first solo exhibition was held at the André Emmerich Gallery, New York. Clement Greenberg declared in his essay “Recentness of Sculpture” (1967) that Truitt’s work “anticipated” after his visit of the show

The artist’s works are often themed her memories. The fundamental element which is a combination of abstract shapes and colors could be found in both her sculptures and drawings. She constantly used her hands for creations although the other minimal artists from the same period preferred to use industrial methods. Through the process, her drawings suggests that thoughts and practice in the wave between two and three dimensions.

13 works including the one which was drawn in 1961 when Truitt first worked on minimal sculptures, and some made in Japan during her stay in 1964-67, are planned for this exhibition.