"NIGHT DRIVE Everyday life goes on! Foolishly!" 2020
"All is fine!!" 2020
"Super fine!!" 2020
"Wisdom" 2020
"1 for the money" 2020
"In the beginning was Love" 2020
"Jagged heart" 2020
"Comet" 2020
Photo by Kei Okano

TARO NASU is pleased to announce Koichi Enomoto’s solo exhibition “NEW LIFE !!”.

Born in 1977, Osaka, Japan. Lives and works in Kanagawa, Japan.
Recent exhibitions include “Roppongi Crossing 2019 : Connexion”(Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, JP) in 2019, “Stone” (TARO NASU, Tokyo, JP) in 2017, “The 6 Way to the Psychic JPN” (HAPS, Kyoto, JP) in 2015, ” 21 Century Standard Bearer” (TARO NASU, Tokyo, JP), “The Way of Painting” (Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, JP), ” Graphic Novel” (Arario Gallery, Seoul, Korea) in 2014, and more.

Koichi Enomoto’s solo exhibition entitled “NEW LIFE !!” is themed Tokyo as the city under the influence of COVID-19.
The skyscrapers occur frequently as the background of paintings can be seen as the symbol of existing ideal society that is “dominated and thrived by optimism”, but also that might look like solid cages to lock up fragile people at the same time.

Would the bright faces in paintings be praises for oppressed human natures and the act of making human beings what they should be, contradicted under “new normal” ? 
Or, is that something we should accept as a statement of affirmations to “status quo” even foolish?

The artist who has been keen on the social condition surrounding him, fumbled for how we  could continue behaving as humans.