Photo by Kei Okano

TARO NASU is pleased to announce Ryoji Ikeda’s solo exhibition.

Ryoji Ikeda
Born in Gifu in 1966. Currently lives and works in Paris and Kyoto.

2014Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN Artists Residency Award, 2012 Ars Electronica Digital music, Golden Nica Award, 2003 Nominated for World Technology Award

Recent solo exhibitions include “Ryoji Ikeda Solo Exhibition” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei (2019), “Ryoji Ikeda | continuum” Centre Pompidou, Paris (2018), “supersymmetry” KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn (2016), “micro | macro”ZKM, Karlsruhe (2015), “supersymmetry”Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, Yamaguchi (2014), “+/- [the infinite between 0 and 1” Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo (2009), and international exhibitions include “58thVenice Biennale” Venice (2019), “Wiener Festwochen 2018” Vienna Festival, Vienna (2018), “Dojima River Biennale” Dojima River Forum, Osaka(2015), “Aichi Triennale” Aichi (2010).

Ryoji Ikeda is an artist who constantly crosses auditory and visual realms to expand the possibilities of art. His evolving ideas are attracting greater attention, even on international stages such as his exhibition at the 58th Venice Biennale and his solo exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Ikeda’s approach dominates and expands the realms of sensation and recognition of what we perceive using light and sound, offering new systems and greater fields of vision to the worldviews of those who experience his exhibitions, and inviting us to take leaps in thought toward an infinite universe. This experience, created using an overwhelming presence that could be considered mathematically sublime, conveys both a universal outlook that only Ikeda can express through his precise mathematical calculations, and the embodiment of a near-future communication style equipped with a universality making it understandable both to humans and all forms of intelligent life existing in the universe.

Around 18 pieces, including new works, are planned for this exhibition. It is primarily composed of “systematics,” including recording media such as punch cards used in vintage computers and piano rolls from player pianos housed in light boxes, along with LED and other planar pieces.

An exhibition on Swiss watch and jewelry maker Audemars Piguet entitled “Beyond Watchmaking ” will be held from Saturday, October 19 to Monday, November 4 on the Grass Square at Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi. Some of Ikeda’s audiovisual installations will be presented, including “data-verse 2,” the second in a three-part series made on Audemars Piguet’s commission, and “data.anatomy [for Audemars Piguet] ,” which disassembles and recomposes a series of CNC (computerized numerical control) machine technological data sets for the smallest parts of in-house developed mechanisms, cases, and bracelets.