Photo by Kei Okano

TARO NASU is pleased to announce Tatsuo Majima’ s solo exhibition, entitled “Dance of the day”.
Tatsuo Majima
Born in Tokyo 1970, lives and works in Kanagawa, Japan.

Selected Exhibitions include “Identity XIV curated by Mizuki Endo – Horizon Effect- nca” (nichido contemporary art, Tokyo, JP) in 2018, “Itoshima Arts Farm 2016,” (Fukuoka, JP), “Development, Okayama Art Summit 2016” (Okayama, JP) in 2016, “OITA TORILENNALE 2015,” (Oita, JP), “PARASOPHIA, Kyoto International Festival of Contemporary Culture” (Kyoto, JP) , “Konryu-Onsen Art Festival” (Atami, Shizuoka, JP), “Amerika: idea / fantasy / dream / myth / image” (Camberwell Space, London, UK) in 2015, “Kazuo Ohno Festival Yokohama Dance” (BankART, Yokohama, JP), ” mAAch ecute” (Tokyo, JP), ” Hikikomisen 2013″ (Tokorozawa, Saitama,JP) in 2013 and more.

“Dance of the Day”

16thof December 2012, it was the day of house of councilors election. Tatsuo Majima did a performance that he kept dancing that depending on the number of tweets “Voted.” on Twitter. Since then until the next house of councilors election (21stJune 2013), he performed his impromptu two-minute dance everyday, recorded it by himself and uploaded it on YouTube with the title “Dance of the Day” as his daily routine. As a result, the number of performance reached 230, and that constant performance turned to the question to the attitude of ‘resignation’ or ‘oblivion’ which could be said the opposite of ‘consistency’. After that, every time the national elections had been held, from the day of public announcement of the election to the election day, he had been doing the video performance by the side of developing his other big projects. 
Through the project, what Majima focuses on is not particular ideology. It is a gesture of silent resistance as an individual to the environment which is based on the preconceived ideas and confronts as if it is the unchangeable. Or it could be said that it suggests the artist’s attitude for human being that sometimes too easy to forget and to give up. “Dance of the Day” gives us the wider field of vision to the bigger problems such as the relationships between an individual and the society, and responsibility of an individual in the community while accepting the antinomy and ambiguity of people. 
The exhibition will be comprised of “Dance of the day” videos so far and the series of self-portrait sculptures as the realization of the artist’s dancing ‘Dance of the Day’”, made of clay by the artist’s hands. The installation will mark his engagement with society, obligations and right in the human community, highlighting the non-self-assertiveness of Japanese society.